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Glute Rx Round Program + Instructional Videos

Glute Rx Round Program + Instructional Videos


Do you find yourself struggling when it comes to your booty gains!?


Well you’re not alone...

I see so many babes getting fed up with sweating it out in the gym every week but never seeing the results they want!


Here’s the thing - growing and building a booty is a thing - a REAL thing. It takes time, it takes consistency and it takes hard work - but you can do it.


We’re all beautifully unique and have different body types. Which means one fixed training program won’t work for everyone. The great thing about my GluteRx program is that it is completely personalised and tailored for your booty shape!


A strategically engineered lower body program designed to lift and shape your glutes! This program will not only fire up your glutes but build stength and definition in your thighs as well!


This program includes a series of warm-up exercises done before the workout sesh to ‘switch on’ the muscles you intend to work during the workout. ACTIVATING YOUR GLUTES is key when it comes to results! You’ll then follow the warm-up with 12 different exercises that will have your glutes on FIYA the whole time!



Bodyweight and bands



Dumbells and ankle weights can be added with progression

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